Sean Tibbetts


Sean Tibbetts | bass

A native of Florida Sean C Tibbetts was born in Fort Lauderdale. Artistic and music abilities run deep in his family. Most are musicians or artists in some form. His father was a professional photographer, sister an artist and all his uncles and aunts play an instrument. Sean was eight years old when the music bug bit him. Seeing his uncle Richard play the sax and flute he knew then where he was going. He picked up a guitar for the first time at the age of 10 and started private lessons at age 12 after receiving an electric guitar for Christmas.

When he was 15 his mother asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. Without hesitation he proudly stated “A Rock Star!” She laughed and said “You and every other kid in the world!” At a young age he didn’t quite understand what was so funny but nothing would stop him from achieving that dream.

After years of lessons and practice Sean moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida at age 18 and began his journey to become a professional musician. Playing locally in many cover bands he soon met up with a touring band named Bratz and spent the next few years on the road. After reading and replying to an ad for a bassist in a local magazine two long haired metal looking fellows showed up at one of his gigs. It was Thomas Youngblood and Richard Warner of Kamelot. A new unsigned ambitious act looking to make a run at the record industry. He joined and played a large roll in getting the band moving in its infancy. It was not meant to be and he departed the band after 3 years.

Shortly after his departure, Kamelot went on to fame and fortune around the world. Sean went on to write and record with several other touring bands like Wykked Wyttch, and Royal Anguish. When Kamelot played in Tampa, Royal Anguish opened the show. Current Bassist Glenn Berry made mention that he would not make the Kamelot 2006 US tour and asked if Sean could fill in. He gladly accepted and was happy to help out. Later Glenn retired to stay home with family and Sean was asked to be a full member of Kamelot in 2008 again.

Since then Sean has recorded multiple records with Kamelot and toured the globe many times. Along with being a successful session player, writer and teacher he is the founding member of the music project Sault.







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